Not apropos of the entirety of this collection per se as there are a variety of producers represented, but I have a love/hate relationship with Phil Spector. It's difficult getting past the misogyny that permeates much of his music, yet there was an indisputable (if not formulaic) Wagnerian genius to his earlier… » 9/08/13 10:35am 9/08/13 10:35am

Admittedly I have a rather personal axe to grind with the arbitrariness of the current system (and I don't only mean the technology) but I can only hope this guy was in the black because people responded enough to bring him out of the grey. If that's the case then — as it used to be back in the day — they should all… » 8/22/13 5:36pm 8/22/13 5:36pm

It's more analogous to your wife putting hidden cameras in every room of the house because of that one time that one of your stupid friends left a beer bottle on the counter, and you know that leaves rings, and OMG Barack, how many damned times do I have to tell you to clean up after these slobs because I don't know… » 8/09/13 5:03pm 8/09/13 5:03pm